Why the customer experience starts at home

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When it comes to the development of IT services that are not only powerful and capable of performing all the tasks required of them, but also user-friendly, developing something that matches every single criterion needed can be a near-impossible task. For a company whose business is growing new IT support systems and online security functionality, having an understanding of customer experience can be difficult. Here are some small ways you can ensure that your IT systems are not only customer focused, but they’re also customer compatible.

External testing

Don’t just rely on people who know the system to decide whether or not it’s user-friendly; what can seem simple to someone in the know can be impossibly complicated to a user! By utilising external resources, whether it’s formal quality assurance testing, a beta phase or just friends and family, getting an outside opinion on how user-friendly your new system is in advance is a helpful tool.

A proper testing phase can also prevent all kinds of customer-affecting bugs and issues, leading to a smoother launch.

Put yourself in their shoes

Start thinking like a customer. Look at IT systems and designs from the outside in, considering anything from aesthetics to functionality. If you can work your way through your system quickly in many different scenarios both physically and in your head, it’s much more likely your customers will be able to as well.

Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes can also give you an idea of other useful and exciting features to include.

Take a look around

If your IT system or service is similar to something else out there, take the time to review what’s already on the market. This is a great way to improve services before their launch. Even just simple pros and cons about user-friendliness and design can offer great insight into means your system can be developed and made better.

Find out why other systems are popular, and work to make yours even better.

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