Why protect your data? The importance of data protection for any modern business

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For many companies, data is something we take for granted as being safe and sound, stored away on computers and difficult to access. If you work with data from your customers, hold sensitive information from your industry or even just keep your employees’ information on your company server or cloud, then data protection should be one of your big priorities.

Here are just a few reasons why you should ensure your data is protected:

Following the legal guidelines

No matter what kind of data you’re storing on-site or through your company’s servers, whether it’s your payroll, information and other data from your customers or other materials that can affect the day-to-day work of your employees, keeping your data safe should be a number one priority for any company. With GDPR soon taking effect with a May 25th enforcement date, keeping your data protected will be more than just a moral judgement – it will be a legal requirement.

Information kept safely

The principal reason to keep your data protected is to ensure the safety of all the information you store. When it comes to customers, ensuring their data is held as safely as possible is the minimum most people will expect for companies they invest time or money in. By making sure the data of both your customers and your employees are kept secure, you can safeguard the reputation of your business and the public opinion of your company, establishing you as a brand that can be trusted with that information.

Data that isn’t kept secure is far more easy to access from hackers and outside sources – something many businesses are now discovering due to data protection that either isn’t up to scratch or hasn’t been kept up to date. If you want to maintain the reputation of your business, then data protection is essential.

Encouraging safe work practices

Safe working practices are encouraged in all aspects of businesses, from health and safety through to employee wellbeing. This same concept should apply for your data, and by enforcing security when it comes to handling data, sensitive or other, you have employees who are more informed about managing and storing that information most appropriately. Data is the backbone that makes up many customer-focused businesses, and should never be a second thought.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide data protection for your business, Shift F7 can ensure your data is kept secure at all times. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your data safe from day one.

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