Why moving to cloud computing is essential for modern businesses

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The cloud is more than just a trendy term. It’s the online fabric that holds modern business together, allowing companies to store swathes of information in a safe and secure environment that eliminates the need for large data centres or massive server rooms. Cloud computing has transformed the way in which we work, and in doing so has given businesses a whole new landscape in which to operate. If you’re yet to make the switch, here’s how going cloud-based can help your business succeed.


Freedom to work

The cloud allows you to free up the way in which you work – whether you’re an SME or a full enterprise business. Do your finances in the cloud and enjoy working from home for the day, access key documents on the go to show vital sales stats to clients or just keep track of employee timesheets when you’re on holiday. Cloud computing makes all of this possible.


Gain control

Cloud computing gives your business the ability to bring many different elements under centralised control. By hosting documents in the cloud, you can eliminate the risk of key data going missing and instead keep close track of everything happening within your business, wherever you are. By encouraging all employees to use cloud-based systems, you can administer and control your entire office workflow.


Enjoy security

Many businesses are scared of adopting cloud computing due to concerns about security. However, security is actually boosted by investing in a good cloud computing provider, who can protect your documents using encrypted data and other backups that make the cloud more reliable than legacy systems. Cloud solutions are also constantly updated to the latest security standards, compared to infrequent audits performed on legacy systems. Finally, you’ll also enjoy the ability to control access to key documents and data.


Adopt modern standards

As machine learning and artificial intelligence develops and begins to help businesses administer their services, the importance of cloud adoption has never been so pressing. Developments in these fields are pushing users into the cloud, as most AI services depend on cloud data to operate. As the Internet of Things (IoT) develops, your business must use cloud computing to even consider taking part.

Essentially, if you’re not using cloud computing, you’re missing out on enormous benefits to security, productivity and control. No business likes to be left behind – and predictions from Forbes indicates that 83% of all enterprise businesses will be using cloud computing by 2020. If you’re not using cloud computing, you’re not part of a modern, forward-thinking business!

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