What is malware and how you can stop it harming your business?

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When it comes to running a modern business, cyber-security is a big challenge. This will only become truer as digital business solutions grow ever more popular. As great as mobile working and cloud computing is though, it does require you to be highly vigilant about your IT networks and online security. Cyber-security threats can come in a number of guises such as phishing attacks. Perhaps the one that most organisations see most is malware.

What is malware?

Malware is short for ‘malicious software’ and this gives a good idea of what it is about. It covers any kind of software that has been intentionally designed to cause harm or damage to your IT networks, servers and staff computers. Malware actually encompasses a few specific types such as spyware or ransomware, which you may have heard of already. These different strains of malware will cause different headaches to you and work in their own ways. Spyware, for example, will sit on a computer or network to spy on the data you have there while ransomware will shut your PC or network down. The only way to get it unlocked is to pay the hackers who put it there a ransom!

How can you stop it harming your business?

You will note here that the question is not concerned with how you can stop it completely. In truth, this is very hard, although having robust email security and filters will help a lot. Most malware (around 90% of it) is sent to individual staff members via their work email. This shows why it is tough to stop and why it is better to learn how to prevent it from harming your business. If a staff member goes into the malicious email and clicks on the link with the malware code in, it will spread across your whole network.

So, what is the best way to fight it? The number one method is simply to educate staff about malware and to always be wary of any emails from strangers that look suspicious or have links in that they are being asked to click. By doing this, no malicious links will be clicked and no malware will spread. They should just delete the email and forget about it!

Let ShiftF7 help keep you safe online

If you need help beefing up your email security to combat malware, get in touch today. Malware is just one threat to combat and with our assistance, you can be as safe as possible from them all. Call today for more details on our cyber-security services.

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