What can artificial intelligence do for your company?

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One major misconception about Artificial Intelligence today is that you have to be a large company to be able to take advantage of the benefits that the technology has to offer.

This simply isn’t the case, as AI tech can be utilised by organisations of all sizes, allowing them to help them and their employees and gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Some of the ways in which AI can help your company include:

Improving employee development and engagement

With reports that up to 70% of employees aren’t engaged at their place of work, it’s crucial that companies do all they can to reduce this number.

Smaller businesses can find it tougher to invest a lot of money in an HR team to engage with their employees, which is where AI solutions can provide some assistance, offering the likes of internal chatbots that provide access to HR information on a daily basis.

Process automation

Using AI to perform some back-office admin, as well as financial tasks, can free up staff to work on other jobs that may benefit from a more human touch.

AI can also assist with tasks such as transferring data from email records into databases, “looking over” legal contracts to identify key criteria and updating customer records and communication methods, maintaining online security, and assisting with data protection (which is an important issue following the GDPR changes).

Customer insight

One of the more popular uses for AI in a small business setting is in detecting patterns in customer actions, such as buying patterns.

The use of algorithms can help your business identify trends within your business or service model and adapt your strategy accordingly.

These are only a few of the benefits that AI can bring to your business, and the number is growing every day with advances in technology.

A recent survey of business executives shows that the benefits of AI are widespread, and include the ability to enhance features, functions, and performance of products and/or services, optimising internal operations, and more importantly, freeing up workers to be more creative and attend to tasks more suited to their skill set.

AI isn’t going away any time soon, so those companies who embrace it rather than shun it will reap the benefits in the short-term, as well as the long-term.

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