What advantages does cloud computing have for your businesses online security?

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Most businesses by now will have heard of the cloud in IT terms. This innovative solution to data storage has really changed the whole landscape of how companies operate in recent times. Being able to virtually store and access your data online via the internet, rather than a physical data centre set-up is the choice of many organisations now. You may still be wondering if it is for you though, especially when it comes to online data security.

Here are a few reasons why cloud computing offers much better data protection than on-site data centres or physical servers.

1. Resources

The major cloud providers such as Microsoft spend literally millions a year on the security of their cloud services. In 2015 for example, Microsoft were reported to have invested $1 billion in improving their cloud system security! This means that the cloud solutions out there are being resourced heavily every year to give the best online security around for your data.

Compare this to what an average SME may spend on their own IT security and the difference is obvious. It just makes sense to go with the solution that is getting the resources to offer the best security to your data.

2. Motivation

Any company offering cloud computing solutions is highly motivated to keep your data as safe as possible and make sure their security is watertight. Any breach in it for them would be disastrous as it would involve many companies’ data being compromised. This gives them lots of motivation to always offer the best cybersecurity and keep your data safe from malicious persons.

Compare this to an onsite physical data centre or saving data onto your organisation’s physical hard drives. The same level of motivation is just not there for your own staff to always be striving to improve and update how they look after it.

3. Third-party safety

It has been seen time and again that most data breaches are from an employee within the company being at fault. Whether it is clicking on a bad link or letting someone in a data centre that they shouldn’t have (in all innocence), the human error usually lies at the heart of your businesses cybersecurity issues. By using the cloud you are in effect removing this avenue of attack from hackers and increasing your online security.

If you would like to know more, get in touch with ShiftF7 today for an informal consultation on how cloud computing can make your business more secure overnight.

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