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Within the world of modern business, the need to ensure operational efficiency across all departments is key. This has naturally extended into the IT sector where data centre consolidation has become a hot topic. If your business is spread across a number of locations geographically or you have more than one data centre currently, then data centre sprawl could be an issue.

By making the decision to consolidate your current data centre network into one central site, you are taking great strides towards making this part of your business more cost-effective and efficient. But what are the additional benefits of consolidating your data centres?

Greater security for data

With upcoming GDPR regulations coming into force in May 2018, the security of any data your organisation holds is key. Consolidating your data centres onto one site will allow for greater control of online data security and a more robust defence against cyber crime. It will also be much easier to secure physically as there is only one site to look after. The added bonus of this is that it will bring your overall spend on this aspect of your business down as there are not numerous sites to police.

Simpler recovery from major issues

If you have a number of data centres operating then any major issues such as a power outage are a real headache. Lots of data centres means lots of time to get them all up and running again. By consolidating to one data centre, the recovery time is much quicker which means less time lost in business terms. In essence, any major problems can be handled with greater quality by one team in a faster time.

Greater server load management

Pretty much every medium to large sized business out there is dealing with huge volumes of data on a daily basis. This demand puts servers under great strain which individual servers in many locations can struggle with. By consolidating to one data centre, the server load capacity can actually be increased to handle this and server cooling can also be boosted to protect against issues.

If you run a business that operates various data centres at different locations, then consolidation is worth considering. As the above shows, it can bring real business benefits to your organisation and help it perform as efficiently as possible.

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