Three ways artificial intelligence can help your business

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Technology continues to evolve at a fantastical rate and artificial intelligence (or AI) is one area that has seen massive strides taken in recent years. While it is making inroads into all areas of our lives, the business world could see the biggest changes from AI.

If you haven’t already, it may be time to start thinking about how AI could help your business to grow or become more streamlined. There are many parts of your business that could be helped by AI and it doesn’t have to be resource intensive either.

Here are three ways you could use AI in your business right now:

1. Chatbots

If you have never come across this term before, a chatbot is a computer program that uses AI to simulate human interaction. This is very useful for many businesses as they can use chatbots to answer the most common, easy to answer queries customers pose every day. It frees your staff up from telling people when you close over and over as well as saving you bandwidth from dealing with them in the normal fashion. A basic chatbot is simple to set up and the advances in AI recently make them valuable for your business.

2. AI can be used for accounting

If your business has a finance team, the safe bet is that they spend a lot of time performing repetitive and mundane tasks with data. By using AI-based tools for jobs like these instead, your finance team is freed up to concentrate on longer-term strategic planning and other more important core tasks.

3. Automated VA’s

A virtual assistant is someone who does everything a personal assistant does but virtually from home. This is another area it is thought AI can help businesses greatly in though through bots. The AI-based bots can be programmed to perform many tasks from chasing up late payers to scheduling meetings, which is a real godsend for most business owners. In this way, AI can help you stay organised without having to pay out for a real VA.

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