The Internet of Things is coming to your business

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The Internet of Things (IoT) remains a hot topic among business leaders and companies looking for a competitive advantage. Yet, while the technology vendors are ready to provide a range of hardware, services and connectivity, many companies are still figuring out where IoT can play a role in their business.

In some cases, such as the transportation and logistics vertical, the path to modern sensors that track location, temperature, humidity, security and other information, providing a 24-hour stream of updates, is a logical progression. The same goes for insurers who can use in-car boxes or smartphone apps to track vehicle speed and driver behaviour to better assess claims.

IoT sensors provide operational intelligence for everything from aircraft engines in flight to consignments of strawberries in a refrigerated van. The smart home revolution is being driven by an IoT that provides constant surveillance of homes to more energy-efficient settings for home heating. While even agriculture is getting a technology boost from IoT moisture meters to help automate crop irrigation and monitor soil quality.

In other areas, project teams and visionaries are considering where IoT could help in their next endeavours. IoT-enabled sports stadiums are one of the next big-ticket projects, but how about smart art galleries, IoT-enabled drug prescription dispensers or open source machine-to-machine communication with open access for local communities and businesses to make use of. The possibilities are huge, and the implications for business efficiency and the bottom line are massive.

Whatever your business, there will be an opportunity to use IoT, so learn about the technology, how it is being used in your market, and prepare to adopt the IT that can help you thrive as markets change and IoT becomes a common part of everyday business.

Either as a consumer of IoT technology or a provider to customers and clients, whatever your business area and needs, IoT will provide savings or opportunities in the near future. Get in touch to find out how you can use IT to manage the arrival of big data feeds, and how to develop cloud services that can help your business or your customers manage their connected products and services.

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