The impact of GDPR on Cloud Storage

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In 2018, new GDPR legislation was passed to change the way businesses handle sensitive personal data. The idea of this was to ensure customers and employees personal information was not easily accessible. Businesses all over the country were required to evaluate their storage systems and implement new strategies to ensure that sensitive data is kept safe.

However, what impact does this have on cloud storage? In an era when more and more companies are turning to the cloud to save space, time and money. What impact does this legislation have on what companies can store in the cloud?

Cloud storage can be utilised for a plethora of different information, the issue with GDPR and the cloud lies in the details. While storing sensitive personal data presents the risk of leakages and security challenges; companies now have to determine which law they must apply. The nature of cloud computing means the data stored may not have a determinable location which is especially important to ascertain the applicable law within the EU. Furthermore, because data can be stored in multiple locations by the provider, further regulations may apply. If the data is being stored outside the EEA, companies must ensure all regulation is adhered to and this can be achieved by a tailored agreement with your provider.

Externalisation presents another risk, the nature of cloud storage means it is often provided by a third party provider and while your business may have a pledge to your customer and their data, there is no such pledge between the external provider and your customer. It, therefore, becomes of paramount importance to determine the stipulations of storage with your provider to ensure no such breaches occur to the customer.

GDPR itself prevents companies from storing data beyond what is deemed necessary and this means arrangements must be made to regularly delete stored data in the cloud when it is no longer needed for business practice.

Data Protection is vital in the digital age and whilst cloud computing is integral to the development of further technologies it is important to ensure the correct procedure is applied for both your company and your customers’ sake.

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