Stop just talking about ‘customer-centricity’ and ‘customer experience’ and start living it

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Customer service shouldn’t be a difficult thing, but unfortunately it is often the reason many businesses fail or perform badly. In a culture that expects everything on demand, customer centricity, or in simple terms, being customer focused, must be at the heart of every business if it wants to succeed. Since GDPR regulations came in to force, the tone of voice many organisations use to address their customers has changed profoundly.

Those who want to keep their customers on their mailing lists are trying their hardest to convince them it is still worth receiving their emails each month. For online businesses such as cloud computing hosts or online security providers, the practice of dealing with customers online will be almost second nature, whereas companies who still use a great deal of offline marketing may find this is something they have to learn as they go.


So, let’s take a look at how you can start living the customer experience.


Ensure you are happy with the service you’re providing

Communication with customers is at the heart of everything a business does and though it is important to make sure things like data protection are taken care of, the way you interact with the people who are using your products or services is key. Ensuring you are happy with the service you’re providing is often one of the first steps to actually manifesting customer-centricity. If you would genuinely do business as a customer, then the chances are, other people will too.

Similarly, how does it feel to need help from your organisation? If you feel your concerns are important and taken in to consideration, the chances are, your customers will share this experience. The reverse is also true, though. If you think your customer service is average, the chances are, your customers are less than satisfied with it as well.


Ask your customers what they think

Another great way of improving the experience for everybody, is simply to ask your customers what they think. A list of five star reviews and positive comments is reassuring for you and a brilliant endorsement to anyone who may want to use your business in the future.

Overall, the key is to think like a customer rather than a business owner – when you are the one looking for a product or service, suddenly the details become very important.

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