Why you should start thinking about closing your data centre

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If you wind the clock back a good number of years, the standard practice within a company’s IT structure was to set up an in-house data centre. These secure rooms would house all your technological hardware and allow you to control the network that powered your whole organisation.

In recent times though, cloud computing technology has come to the fore and left many businesses wondering if in-house data centres are still the best way to operate their IT concerns. Physical data centres suddenly look a bit outdated and there are a few other reasons you may think of closing yours to migrate to the cloud too:

Data centres are expensive

This first point is making many organisations migrate to using cloud computing technology instead. You first have to physically build your data centre or re-purpose an existing room on your premises and that naturally costs money. Once that is done, you have all the expense of buying the hardware to go in it and the manpower involved in setting it all up.

When you compare that to the low cost involved in using cloud technology then it really is not worth the time or money spent on setting a data centre up!

They are also costly to maintain

As all IT managers know, the real big cost regarding data centres is the upkeep. As soon as you put brand new, cutting-edge server hardware and racks in there, they will instantly begin to lose value. In addition, to keep your company at the front of the pack, you will have to regularly spend on buying the latest pieces of kit to stay competitive. All this is capital that you could be spending elsewhere in your business to make a greater profit.

There are better options available

In very simple terms, an in-house data centre is just not the best option out there now. Times have changed in the IT world and services such as cloud technology can do just as good a job but cheaper and more efficiently. If you migrate to the cloud, you still get high-powered server technology and storage as well as top class support from who you choose to use. What’s more, cloud based solutions offer great value for money and avoid you having to lose the valuable business space a physical data centre takes up.

If you are thinking of closing your physical data centre and moving to the cloud, get in touch with ShiftF7 today! Experts in the field of cloud computing, we can help make the process of switching stress free and simple for your business.

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