Predictions for the future of cloud computing – everything as a service

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With the use of digital technology increasing exponentially, humans are creating and consuming more data than ever before – and there is no sign that this exponential trend will decrease. As such, one of the challenges over the past decade has been where to store this data, and the cloud has proved an extremely popular solution for both businesses and personal use.

Companies have been quick to recognise the benefits of cloud services, and investment in this area has soared, both from established multi-national corporations as well as SMEs.


Everything as a service

At Shift F7, we predict that along with the continued growth of cloud computing, cloud-based solutions and services will also experience the same growth. Cloud-based software, platforms and infrastructure (commonly known as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), will all take larger proportions of business investment over the coming years.

These services are easily purchasable by businesses on a monthly or annual basis and have numerous benefits over buying the software or infrastructure outright, including scalability, flexibility of services offered, and a significantly decreased capital investment.

Equally, any provider of these services should offer 24/7 assistance and support, meaning that businesses don’t need to invest in in-house experts, while also having the peace of mind that any problems will quickly be managed. As businesses plan their digital transformations and become increasingly integrated with the digital world, constant and reliable technical support is a must.


Managed service providers

As cloud services and technology increases and offers more for businesses, it will become increasingly difficult for SMEs to manage their cloud needs amongst their everyday business challenges. As such, it’s also likely that businesses will increasingly turn managed service providers to offer comprehensive portfolios of cloud computer solutions, along with IT support, IT network assistance and online security.

At Shift F7, we do exactly that. By offering a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT solutions, we can help businesses of any size and in any industry manage their business IT challenges. For more information about the services we provide, as well as how we can help you, please contact us.

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