Online security mistakes commonly made by SMEs

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Online security is key for businesses in the modern age. Whether it is securing your own sensitive data, or ensuring the information of your clients is protected as according to the new GDPR regulations, the consequences of cybersecurity breaches can be disastrous. However, as online security threats are not visible, many SMEs neglect cybersecurity, ultimately leaving their business exposed to a number of threats.

At ShiftF7 we have worked with many companies, helping them to manage their online security systems and processes; here are some of the most common mistakes we look to rectify.


1. No comprehensive staff training

While a company may invest in standard online security software, such as anti-virus and firewalls, it is often the human element that causes the most security threats. One misclick by an unaware employee can leave your entire network exposed. As such, ensure that your staff are fully trained to operate safely online, can spot potential threats including ransomware and phishing scams, and regularly update these policies to match the natural development of the cyber security field.


2. No cloud back-ups

An incredibly effective and easy way to secure your business and information from the consequences of malicious cybersecurity attacks is to regularly back up your data. Without a backup, you stand the risk of losing everything on your system, from existing projects to historical financial information. Backups are extremely simple to perform, yet they are often neglected by SMEs. Storing your information in the cloud means that this data is accessible from any device at any time, offering you greater overall flexibility.


3. Not outsourcing their IT support

Outsourcing your IT support to experts makes a huge amount of sense, especially for smaller businesses who need to focus on the everyday tasks of establishing and growing a business. Passing the responsibility of management and support to professionals who have years of experience dealing with the IT industry means that your systems are in safe hands, and any problems can quickly be rectified, reducing your downtime and allowing you to become productive again as quickly as possible.

At ShiftF7, we provide comprehensive IT support for SMEs across all industries. Offering management, problem-solving and long-term strategies, our services can quickly be scaled up or down to suit your ever-changing needs. For more information about our IT support services, please visit

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