Leverage big data for better customer service

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In today’s connected world, the particulars of good customer service are much more complicated than they were in the past. While it used to hinge on phone calls and face-to-face correspondence, customer service is increasingly automated, and now has less to do with human interaction. With the role of big data growing in every business niche, it’s important to know how you can leverage it to achieve better customer service…

Gain a better understanding of your customer journey

In recent years, big data has allowed companies to observe not only trends in customer behaviour but also in every step from idle prospect to paying patron. For example, data harvested from online transactions allows you to see which websites your customers visited before making their purchase, not to mention the links they followed immediately afterwards. Big data tools, for example, allow you to see if a customer went shopping elsewhere because you didn’t have what they needed, and form a strategy based on this behaviour.

Know what your customer needs before they do

Pre big data, many businesses had to lean on direct customer interactions to find out precisely what customers needed from them. These days, however, you have sufficient data to determine what your average customer wants before it’s ever explicitly mentioned. For instance, if you noticed that a large proportion of customers who bought product A quickly moved on to look for accessory B, you’ll be in a good position to judge how much of accessory B you should stock. When your customers come to make the purchase, you’ll be ready for them.

Improve business processes

Finally, use big data to fortify the very foundations of your customer service: your business’s internal processes. Big data from customer feedback surveys can give you a clear picture of the practices that are working at your business, and those that aren’t. Using this, you can create tailored training initiatives to help your employees work on your company’s most glaring weak points, thereby improving the overall customer experience. If you’ve harvested any detailed customer feedback that’s absolutely sterling, this can be used as a standardised model for future customer interactions.

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