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IT Support

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It should just work. Shouldn’t it?

IT always promises to make your working life more efficient. It doesn’t always deliver. The moment a little IT grit gets in the gears of your smooth running business machine things can start to grind.

We can change that. We can keep the grit from the machine – acting as an outsourced IT department that supports your whole organisation – or supporting your IT department while it does the same.

We will advise on strategy, consider which technologies and solutions are best deployed to meet your short, medium or long term objectives, we will complement what is already being delivered within IT.

And when time is tight or resources are stretched, we can scale up. At a moment’s notice. For projects, holiday or prolonged leave cover, for anything at all. And we can scale down just as quickly.

Making you more resilient and more flexible by making sure everything runs smoothly.

Shift F7 has been the trusted IT support partner to businesses across the UK for many years. With the ever increasing importance that IT plays making sure that you choose the right IT support partner is key to your success.

We can either be your IT department, supporting your whole organisation, or we can act as support to your IT department. Our business is IT, we can advise on strategy, technologies and solutions that are deployed across our diverse client base. Shift F7 can complement what is already being delivered within the IT function, scale up for projects, holiday or prolonged leave cover and scale down when workloads permit.

We have taken an ever greater responsibility for the IT support platform for larger organisations, because in many cases their management teams want to concentrate on the business and not the day to day running of IT systems.

Many organisations suffer peaks and troughs as IT staff come and go, through career development and technology changes. This can present challenges to the business as IT strategy can become misaligned and skills gaps can undermine reliability. Businesses can also become extremely reliant on single individuals, without any backup should that person leave or become unavailable during a critical time.

An outsourced solution from Shift F7 resolves these problems for many organisations.

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What Managed IT Means for Our Clients

Having access to a grade of IT support that has previously been unavailable is certainly a good thing, especially when that support allows for an enhanced level of productivity and peace of mind.

When your IT infrastructure just works as it was intended to with minimal if any disruption, complete security and smooth updates, you will understand why our clients are so impressed with the services we provide.

Unfortunately, people have come to take for granted the idea that networks intermittently fail or that viruses infect and disable machines for hours or even days at a time.  These issues are all widely accepted as a cost of doing business.

With a managed service this has all changed.  No longer do entire sections of your network need to be down while they are repaired because someone opened an email they shouldn’t.  No longer are staff required to update virus definitions or wonder if they should click that alert asking them to updated windows.

All of this and more is handled by us through our remote monitoring and execution systems. At Shift F7 we are firm advocates of the managed support model because we see at first hand the benefits for our clients when their systems just work – as they should.

We’d encourage you to give us a call to discuss how we can bring this enhanced level of IT support.

24/7/365 Service Desk

Whenever you need help, our friendly technical staff are just an email or phone call away – any time of the day, every day of the week.

Our sophisticated Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool enables audited, encrypted remote control and access of systems when necessary. We work diligently to offer the highest level of customer service available.

Your systems will be protected 24/7 through our RMM tool that monitors your systems via a combination of automatic 24/7 checks, performed every 5 minutes, with daily safety verifications.

Scheduled Maintenance

Through our RMM software, all scheduled maintenance can be performed through our remote monitoring systems. For those customers with on-premise server infrastructure (or any business-critical devices) that we support, there are occasions when we just can’t resolve the issue remotely. We have a dedicated team of on-site engineers with a broad range of complementary skills and accreditations – ensuring that we always send the right person to the job.

For clients who prefer the added reassurance that comes from having a skilled engineer on-site, we can provide a dedicated engineer on a full or part-time basis once or twice a week, for a month or two, or even on a rolling semi-permanent basis if required.

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) team utilises our RMM tool that monitors your systems via a combination of 24/7 checks and daily safety checks. The 24/7 checks run every 5 minutes – monitoring the core elements and notifying our team of issues before they lead to costly downtime. The daily safety checks run once a day to monitor your system status without interrupting your work.

To ensure a healthy IT environment, regularly scheduled maintenance is essential and represents a core component of our service. Shift F7 provide a robust scheduled maintenance program to ensure that critical patches and updates are applied. The NOC team uses the RMM platform to create custom patch policies and schedules for the automated delivery of updates according to individual customer requirements.

Other routine tasks are automated and scheduled by our system including the clearing of log files, recurring reboots and service restarts. We offer a wide range of services to properly monitor your system and keep everything running smoothly.

Endpoint Security

As part of our managed support package, we offer a managed antivirus, DNS and proactive maintenance service – all backed by our security gateway. The NOC team deploy and manage antivirus across your environment, ensuring that files are regularly updated, and any potential infections are identified, isolated and destroyed immediately. Our managed antivirus service is based on industry-leading software solutions which are fully integrated with the Shift F7 RMM tool.

For clients who require additional layers of endpoint security, such as those in regulated industries or those handling sensitive data – we can provide a range of additional services including desktop and laptop hard drive encryption and two-factor authentication. With an increasing number of employees using their own devices for work-related tasks, it’s critical that all devices with access to your systems are properly protected. Endpoint security protects every device from damaging threats.

Find out how your company could become more resilient and flexible by calling today for an initial conversation or a face to face meeting.

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