Is Privacy becoming obsolete?

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In a world where consumers are increasingly used to having everything on demand, and technology races ever faster to provide this, consumers are all too often sacrificing their right to privacy to satisfy their need for immediacy.

The privacy trade off

Every single day we all use our various devices to connect to the outside world, for accessing information, for communications and for storing information and media.

Yet to access all this quickly requires collection of our personal information and online behaviour to make the user journey efficient and seamless. This convenience has a price. As a society we are also becoming more open and voluntarily sharing our information and views across various social media platforms.

But are we truly aware of the true cost?

Indifferent or unaware

How many times have we clicked through a privacy statement or terms and conditions without reading them, simply to get quick access to a service. Is it indifference or lack of awareness? It is likely both.

Consumers simply do not realise how valuable their data is, and will hand it over willingly at the prospect of receiving something in return without any consideration to the implications.

Yet the recent outrage and media coverage of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica relationship, suggests that people do still care. The activities came as somewhat of a surprise to most, and yet the gathering and analysis of big data, and marketing profiling and targeting as an attempt to influence consumer decisions is not a new activity.

If data subjects are in fact unaware, there is some element of not caring to find out. However, gone are the days when a company could hide or be vague about their handling and processing of data, particularly as the deadline for GDPR approaches.

Can legislation keep up?

Technology is moving fast, and yet legislation lags behind. Great effort has been made to completely overhaul data protection legislation in Europe through the General Data Protection Regulations. Yet even this took over four years to agree, and two more years to implement across member states.

Privacy as a concept needs to evolve, and legislation needs to keep up with the pace. Whether it will do so in a timely fashion remains to be seen.

In the meantime, companies still have legal obligations to adhere to when collecting personal information, including storing it securely. If this is something your business needs assistance with, Shift F7 can help you make sure your data is safe every day.

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