How cloud computing can increase the security of your data

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Previously-held beliefs about online security are beginning to falter in the industry, as the cloud consistently proves itself as a secure means of storing data. Despite this, the same tired arguments surrounding data protection and privacy issues are still raised – and it’s about time the IT industry was educated regarding the safety, risks and positive points of cloud computing.

Most of the paranoia surrounding the safety of the cloud is down to the fact that some senior bosses feel that the approach seems insecure on account of data being stored on systems and servers which aren’t internally controlled or owned by the company.

Understanding the risks

The first lesson to be learned by managers who are locked into this train of thought is that control does not equal security. The physical location of data is unimportant – what really matters is the means of access to the data – and strictly speaking, cloud-based platforms have a greater focus on security than systems built to exist on-site behind firewalls. In addition to this, cloud infrastructure is heavily monitored in real-time to stave off any potential threats to security.

Controlled access

Data stored off-site in the cloud is kept away from employees, visitors, third-party vendors and unauthorised personnel. This physical separation from the mission-critical data of a company reduces the risk for third-parties to breach data protection protocol by stumbling across data they are not legally permitted to access. Put simply, the level of human risk is decreased when company data is stored in the cloud.

Future-proof big data

On-site storage can be difficult to maintain and update to ensure compliance. Cloud-based IT networks provide companies with access to the best, most up-to-date data centres, along with a team of highly-skilled IT professionals. Regular audits take place to protect against flaws in cloud security systems – a luxury which is not afforded to on-premises systems.

As more businesses rely on cloud services, this means security concerns will inevitably be quelled as increasing numbers of IT professionals showcase how the cloud is more secure than older, on-site systems.

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