How an IT managed services provider can help your business with GDPR

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There’s a lot of misinformation and myth surrounding the use of IT managed services providers (MSPs), from the fear that outsourcing your IT means giving up valuable control over your business, to the worry that bringing in an outside service will add further complications to the already challenging territory of data protection and GDPR compliance. However, using an MSP can have a number of benefits when it comes to this last point, with external providers potentially offering useful solutions for a business attempting to negotiate GDPR regulations. Here are just a few ways an MSP could help your business with GDPR:

1. Risk assessment and compliance

GDPR is a notoriously technical legislation, and it can be difficult to assess whether your business is compliant, and what to do if not. Bringing in an expert IT provider will give you a valuable perspective on your existing procedures. Look for providers that are ISO27001 accredited, like ShiftF7 – this award means the provider has already demonstrated their own compliance, and that they can bring this same expertise to your business.

2. Crisis management

In the unwelcome event that a malicious party gains access to your data, a professional IT services provider will likely be able to deliver a much faster and more effective response than an in-house IT team, simply based on their scale and expertise. They’ll have frameworks in place to ensure that the proper steps are achieved in time, from notifying regulators and affected customers to fixing the security breach itself.

3. Bespoke solutions:

If your business is receiving a large number of requests for access to data or for deletion of sensitive information, an IT services provider can help advise on a bespoke solution to this problem, such as a self-service portal or digital enquiry form. Similarly, if you’re struggling to keep track of your GDPR compliance journey or the new processes that have been put in place, an MSP may be able to help develop a dashboard or other means of monitoring your data management.

There are plenty of reasons to consider using an MSP, not just for help with data protection. If you’d like to discuss your IT needs in more detail, contact us at ShiftF7 today.

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