Encryption – A must if you’re storing your data in the cloud.

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Who has access to you and your customers’ data? If you use the cloud to store your business data, the chances are more people can access it than you think.

Almost all cloud storage is either unencrypted or uses server-side encryption. In either case, anyone can read your data while it travels over the internet to your cloud provider; and the staff of your cloud provider – or anyone who hacks their servers can access any of the data you store with them.

In short: if you use cloud storage, your data is not secure. Unless that is, you utilise strong, end-to-end, encryption.

Not all encryption is created equal

Many cloud providers, including Microsoft, Amazon and Dropbox advertise their storage as being encrypted. What they mean, is that they use encryption keys which they create, have access to and encrypt your data when you’re not using it. In terms of protecting your data from unauthorised access, this model is wholly and entirely useless.

If provider X has access to the encryption key, they – or anyone who steals the key from them (do you really know how good their security is?) can access any of your data, any time they want to. Additionally, because the data is only encrypted when it is ‘static’ – when it’s on the cloud server and not being used – it travels over the internet in its unencrypted state meaning it can be intercepted and accessed by anyone, anywhere, with a laptop and an internet connection.

End-to-end encryption

In simple terms, end-to-end encryption means your data is encrypted using keys (passwords) which you control, and nobody else has access to before it leaves a computer inside your business. The information is not then decrypted until it arrives back on a device inside your company. Only encrypted data travels over the internet, and your cloud provider can only see the jumble of secured data, not access your files.

End-to-end encryption solutions are available for all cloud providers, with many of the more responsible companies enabling it out-of-the-box. Alternatively, we can build a custom, end-to-end encrypted cloud solution for your business, tailored to meet the needs of your staff and customers.

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