Drowning in data – the IT and skills to survive

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Rapidly advancing technology and Big Data are transforming the business landscape in the UK and creating fertile ground for growth. However, some organisations are quickly being left behind.

For all the excitement surrounding even better connectivity and undreamt amounts of information to draw from, to remain in control of Big Data and prevent it from drowning your business, you need two vital things.

The right IT and the people who know how to use it.

Change takes time

There was a news story recently about two neighbouring police forces – Surrey and Sussex – who launched a two year project to integrate their intranet systems. They aim to be in a better position to pool information, keep each other informed and mount joint operations.

But why would this take two years?

By their own admission, both police forces currently have unstable or badly performing intranet systems. To create a shared communications resource, they need a comprehensive system overhaul.

This is the perfect illustration of why forward-thinking organisations can’t afford to wait. It could cost you dearly if you are “struggling on” with IT that is already proving inadequate. You need to start planning now for the IT you will need in two years, five years or even ten years.

Invest in skills to keep pace

The same applies to the skillsets available to you.

There are two new staff entities beginning to be key to any UK organisation with ambition: data protection officers and data analysts.

A Data Protection Officer can be a specific post, or a role that runs alongside an existing job title. What matters is that you have a designated person to keep you on the journey to compliance. From May 2018, new legislation on this issue is going to make the existing data protection laws look like a walk in the park.

Data analysis personal can also be dedicated IT team members, or existing staff trained up to have greater acumen in this vital field.

In fact, to fully grasp Big Data and new cloud computing, many financial executives are developing data analysis skills. This enables them to provide better forensic accounting and financial predictive modelling to underpin business strategy.

Audit and build

If you want to ride the wave of Big Data, rather than being drowned in it, get in touch with Shift F7. We can audit your network, communications and security systems.

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