Do you know how secure your company is?

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Think about all the data your company houses within its computer system. Records, marketing data, legal documents and customer information. Now, ask yourself- are you are doing everything that you can to protect this information from outside sources?

Who’s looking on your phone?

Every time you use your business phone to access your work information in and out of the office you may be breaching the security of your network. We have become a society who think nothing of searching for information or accessing data on mobile devices, often without ensuring that we have up to date online security. So if any of your employees have a business mobile device it is important that you install adequate safety features such as anti-virus software, End Point security and secure password protections to reduce the risk of third parties getting access to your IT networks.

Do you have a Firewall?

Just as you have a lock on your front door as a barrier to stop people getting in, it is just as important to have a firewall on your IT systems to do exactly the same thing. There is a growing trend of identity theft, phishing and viruses that can easily affect business computers and installing a firewall within your system will ensure that your network and your information is secure. This will also enhance your email and web security by blocking any unwanted bugs or information from getting in or out.

Is your data secure?

Security threats are becoming more sophisticated than ever so it is important for you to ensure that your data is secure an attack. Multiple layers of security can be incredibly beneficial on everything from laptops and desktops to mobile devices, networks and servers and will allow you to block attacks which may otherwise destroy your system.

If you are unable to use internal systems to enhance your email and web security then it is possible to outsource your online security or cloud computing requirements. In many cases outsourcing your security needs can be incredibly beneficial to your business for many reasons including being excellent value for money and a great way of saving time.

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