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While 2017 was arguably the year of Big Data, a recent Financial Times article predicts that “the big will get bigger” in 2018 – and we believe the fast will also get faster.

In 2018, technology will allow you to do everything with more speed. Here are just a few examples of how IT could boost your business for the better:

Work faster

By now you’ll be more than familiar with how technology improves your ability to get more done during your working day. From the smartphone allowing you to work and stay in touch with colleagues and clients while on the move, to cloud computing shifting manual and time-heavy tasks to the digital realm, it’s clear that IT is a great time-saver.

With the recent explosion of interest in Blockchain, the potential for even greater speed is clear for everyone to see. As of next year, businesses will start using Blockchain to handle all kinds of admin tasks at lightning speed. This could include everything from payroll to tax and recruitment. All of this will give you (and your colleagues or employees) more time to run your company or department – and time, as the well-worn phrase goes, is money.

Speed up payments

With everything from contactless card payments to faster bank transfers and online shopping available to us all, it’s clear we now live in a world in which we can pay for everything on demand. Yet the aforementioned Blockchain also has the potential to make cross-border transfers easier, less expensive and less time-consuming.

Large corporations are likely to take the lead by issuing their own ‘currency’ that they could use to transfer value from one of its departments in one country to another department in a different jurisdiction. As the technology improves and becomes less expensive, the advantages for small business will also become more apparent.

Find and target customers quicker

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come on in leaps and bounds over the last two or three years; now computers learn in much the same way we do. As a result, AI can take on a lot more human tasks.

While recent trends have highlighted the demand for greater personalisation, AI now has the ability to understand consumers’ needs and address them in real time. Many businesses are already using this technology to find prospects and increase customer loyalty with greater frequency and precision.

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