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We are no longer in the era of digital transformation – we have moved passed it. Which means if your organisation is not taking advantage of digital solutions as well as it could, from HR to sales, marketing and communication; it needs to be led in the right direction. That’s where leaders come in, steering an organisation on the right course – so in this blog we hand out some tips for engendering a digital transformation within your company.

1. The power of collaboration

Where a company-wide transformation is concerned, it can pay to get the buy-in from all sides. That can mean a series of meetings with departmental heads and a commitment to ongoing communication which aims to find the best digital solutions and decide on the best way to implement them. Without the understanding fostered by collaboration, it is unlikely that your digital transformation drive will go far.

2. Train and encourage

Training will undoubtedly play a large part in your digital transformation – from email best practices to social media techniques – guiding your employees on how they can work smarter using digital means will be essential to take up. However, it is also important to promote a mindset which encourages employees to ‘think digitally’ and use the digital resources at their disposal to do their jobs better.

3. Build a digital team

For mid to large size companies, building a digital team or department can work wonders when it comes to getting a transformation rolling. While the members of this team do not have to exclusively work on your digital transformation, they should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm to not only suggest ways in which a digital approach can help but also act as key influencers and cheerleaders within your organisation.

4. Take a different perspective

Wanting to improve the customer experience is often a reason for beginning a digital transformation, but before you dive straight into a digital solution which you think will make things better for the customer, put yourself in their shoes. Conduct research and form focus groups to understand better how the customer sees things before attempting to make changes.

So there are some digital transformation tips to take heed of – don’t be daunted, once you get started you can be amazed by how things fall into place.

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