Cybersecurity assets that every business needs

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Most companies know the basics of online security like firewalls, virus scanning, and being careful about phishing emails, but there are a few assets that can seriously change both your resistance to disasters and your ability to recover from them.

1. Online document management

What is the single most dangerous threat to the cybersecurity of a business? Phishing emails. Even if your security is completely locked down with every port and endpoint superbly protected, if an employee opens the wrong email and clicks a hacker’s phishing link, the malware has just successfully gotten past all that security and onto your business network. Companies have debated for years about the best response to this – from employee training to settings that stop you from downloading anything from a web browser – but there’s a surprisingly simple and better way.

Online document management, like Google Docs, is the perfect solution to the phishing email ploy. With a document manager, the person who wants to share a file must upload it onto an online platform and share it with their target. The target then reads the document directly from the platform without downloading it onto their own computer or your business system.

With a company-wide policy to use the document manager instead of email attachments, and an ability to make accounts for customers and business partners so they can do the same, phishing emails from ‘coworkers’ that are overwhelmingly suspicious and even hackers posed as customers can no longer force employees to click their malware-riddled links.

2. Version control

Backups come in a variety of layers and functions. One of the most useful to a busy company is a version control feature which saves the last several changes made to each document, file, database, or system along with the name of the account that made each change. This feature is vital for collaborative projects where several people are working together on the same files and documents to produce a final result.

The version control backups not only allow the team to see who has made recent changes and what those changes were, but it can also make it possible to roll back any mistakes or unwanted changes to a previous version the team agrees is better.

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