Cyber security starts with your employees

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As businesses undergo their digital transformation, utilising more data, having everything on demand and becoming integrated with cloud computing, it becomes ever more essential that their online security systems improve along with this. Cybersecurity and online security present a big challenge for businesses, regardless of their size and industry, and management must ensure that they take the threat of malware, ransomware, phishing and other malicious online activity seriously.

While you can continuously update and monitor your system, managers should know that this in itself is not enough – there is a human element to cybersecurity, and full training for all of your employees should be mandatory to ensure your business remains as safe as possible. Our experts at ShiftF7 suggest two of the most easily actionable changes employees can make in order to keep your business safer in the digital age:


1. Log out when finished

With many companies having at least a one, or maybe even a two, step verification process to access secure and confidential data, this process becomes redundant if they leave their workstation while still logged in. This means that any unauthorised person could use the system during this time, as well as leaving a network channel open to the files that would otherwise be closed. Ensure your employees always log out, and speak to your IT team about installing an automatic ‘time out’.


2. Keep hardware safe

Having data and files encrypted and only accessible by certain individuals will certainly make it more secure, but you and your employees must also consider the security of the physical item itself. If memory sticks and laptops with sensitive information are left lying around the office with nothing to stop an individual picking them up and walking off with them, then your employees aren’t doing a very good job of promoting data protection. Any smaller pieces of hardware should be locked away when not in use, offering extra security, while also ensuring that you will always be able to find them when you need them.

At Shift7, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke and tailored IT, Cloud Computing and Online Security solutions to our clients, along with a number of other integrated solutions. Ready and willing to help any company, of any size in any industry, we look forward to hearing from you today! For more information, please find our contact information here

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