Cloud storage: the basics

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Cloud technology is increasingly becoming the most popular and reliable form of data storage. But because the phrase “cloud storage” has been so ingrained into modern IT culture it can sometimes be confusing for business managers to understand the basics of just what the method does and how it can be utilised effectively by companies.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing helps solve a universal problem that all computer users face at one time or another: not having enough internal hard drive space to store their data.

The method allows users to save their data outside of their internal system. The information is transferred via the internet to an outside secure database. By utilising this system of file saving, a business will gain several advantages compared to reliance on internal saving alone.

How does cloud computing work?

Data centres house these cloud storage systems where their data servers connect to the internet. This server records the information that a client wants the system to save and store for them. The client is then able to remotely access this data when they wish. A data centre will either send the saved information back to the client or allow the client access to the server itself.

They will be able to access the cloud-stored data on any device which has access to the internet. This means they could access their work documents on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. This makes communication between on-site and off-site employees much more convenient.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Businesses no longer have to physically store their data. This cuts the amount of spending required for hardware, saving money. For this reason, cloud computing has been considered one of the most cost-effective options.

There are many different types of cloud storage systems too. Some focus on emails or digital images. Whatever purpose a business manager requires there will be a form of cloud storage that suits their particular needs.

The portability and wireless nature of cloud computing has made it one of the most popular methods of saving and accessing data. Using a third party to store information rather than relying on internal hardware has become the most economically viable route for companies to take. To find out more, speak to us at Shift F7.

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