Cloud computing – the future?

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Time is money. It’s an old saying but it’s very true. Businesses all over the world are taking an unnecessary hit on the bottom line because they’re using old, outdated technologies as the backbone of their workforce. For one, they’re using old computers, which – forgetting all the security risks, the increasing likelihood of failure and the increased difficulty of getting hardware support – simply makes everything take much longer than it needs to. They’re essentially paying staff to look at loading screens, update windows and error messages rather than doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Cloud computing saves the day by greatly improving how well we can handle all of these routine tasks, and in many cases even negating the need for staff to do anything in terms of updates, file management or data backup.

Is it for me?

No two businesses are alike; all organisations vary hugely in size, structure, working style and technical know-how amongst staff. One of the key benefits of a cloud-based solution is that the cost-effective and easy-to-use technologies it offers include seamless scalability, meaning adding new staff is a breeze, and working across sites, devices and projects is as easy as sending a text or email, with many services (such as Office 365) offering native mobile apps that plug your staff directly into your business.

What else?

The benefits of working in the cloud, are enormous:

– Files (everything from a small presentation to really big data packets) can automatically sync and be accessed across sites and devices (no more confusion emailing documents to yourself) allowing for editing on the fly.
– IT administration can be handled on one system, applying changes and updates to your entire organisation at the push of a button.
– Communication across teams is made easier with impressive Office 365 messaging and collaboration tools that mean you can easily run your business remotely, and manage staff working across the world landing you those big international clients.

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