A simple guide to Blockchain

If you didn’t know already, blockchain is the technology on which digital currency is based. Many people have heard of Bitcoin, but there are a number of other important digital currencies that [...]

Cyber security starts with your employees

As businesses undergo their digital transformation, utilising more data, having everything on demand and becoming integrated with cloud computing, it becomes ever more essential that their online [...]

Shift F7 acquired by AdEPT

AdEPT (AIM: ADT) a leading UK independent provider of award-winning managed services for IT, unified communications, connectivity and voice solutions announced the acquisition of the Shift F7 Group.

It’s time to ditch email

Email - as we know it now - was invented in 1972 and the basic technology used to make it work hasn't changed significantly since 1974. In technology terms, that's positively pre-historic.

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