How you can use the cloud to improve your IT security

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Cloud computing has advanced massively in the last few years, so it’s unsurprising that many businesses now rely on it, either for running specific software applications or for improving their infrastructure more generally.

Yet not every company has been so quick to embrace the cloud, and this is often due to concerns surrounding the security of their enterprise. One must concede that such caution is understandable in light of the growing prevalence of breaches, but, despite this, such concern is arguably misplaced.

This is because the cloud can actually help to bring about vast improvements in IT security, a truth that professional enterprises like our own are happy to confirm. To help dispel the myths, here are just a few of the ways that such technology is assisting organisations like yours and helping to make your data safer:

1. You can put your security into the hands of the experts

Let’s begin with something simple: the cloud can help to improve security by transferring the safety of your business into the hands of the experts. Offering services and tools specifically created to help minimise the likelihood of breaches, cloud providers are professionals – ones who know how best to prevent data breaches and minimise damage should the worst happen.

2. You can choose a package that’s been tailor-made for your business

Using cloud computing has the added boon of ensuring flexibility. With providers offering a wide range of tools, packages and modular solutions, businesses can pick the security features they most need, to guarantee them a level of protection appropriate to the vulnerability of their venture. This makes it easy to choose the perfect fit for you, so that you don’t have to rely on generic security solutions that may not protect your business as well as others.

3. You can reduce your risk of security breaches

If the above were not enough to convince you of the utility of using the cloud for data storage, you may also want to cast your eye over the statistics. Despite all of the concerns surrounding such technology, the figures suggest that the majority of mishaps occur on the enterprise side of the equation. Indeed, according to a study from Scalar, 90% of all such problems are linked to enterprise issues alone – keeping systems, infrastructure, and IT locally was shown to increase the risk of breaches.

To learn more about how cloud computing services could make your business safer, why not get in touch with the ShiftF7 team today? We’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.


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