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  • Regular system audits
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Always available, dedicated IT helpdesk

Greencorn is a Shift F7 Group company

Business Challenges

A successful regional theatre such as the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford, lives or dies on the success of its box office. With over a third, & growing, of all seat bookings taking place online, an IT network failure directly affects revenue. A show could easily lose £3,000 of last minute tickets & cafe revenue alone if the ‘computers are down’ for just a few hours. Even phone bookings cannot be effectively completed without a working system.

A system that at least 20 members of staff rely on to complete their everyday tasks. A system that when ‘down’ has a strong impact on the theatre’s reputation, as excited theatre goers cannot make their bookings & possibly go elsewhere.

It would be fair to say the show cannot go on without the IT network!

The Solution

Greencorn have a long standing relationship with the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Built over the years on trust, this has withstood regular full IT tender pitches. Greencorn come out on top because they have become the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre’s own IT team, even though the majority of their work is completed remotely.

They adapt to the theatre’s changing requirements & follow a simple mantra – always be available ‘first time’ to solve any issues before they become a problem.


Whilst Greencorn have assisted in the past with server upgrades & continue to offer hardware & software purchase support, their main contract with the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre is now outsourced IT support. This service covers regular system audits, proactive system monitoring & always available, dedicated IT helpdesk.

In essence Greencorn keep a constant watch over the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre’s IT infrastructure, spotting & resolving any issues often before they can affect the system.

This ensures the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre always maximise their show revenue & don’t disappoint the local theatre going community.

  • “With the help of Greencorn actively monitoring our servers and assisting in any issues, I hope to remain incognito, for all the right reasons!"

    Neil Scudder IT & Systems Manager, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

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