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  • A completely cloud-based infrastructure to replace their in-house infrastructure
  • Emails in a cloud environment with a 99.99999% uptime and available from any internet connected PC
  • All files accessible and shareable via Sharepoint

Greencorn is a Shift F7 Group company

Business Challenges

SHINE helps disadvantaged children and teenagers to recognise and then realise their academic potential. They fund and develop educational projects that provide the extra teaching and encouragement children need to develop the confidence and skills essential for success at school, and beyond.

In 2013, SHINE realised that their legacy systems did not match the way they wanted to work. They were using an in-house server to run all their applications locally, and all data was also stored locally.

The Solution

SHINE made the decision not only to replace their outdated infrastructure, but to make a move to a cloud-based infrastructure to support a new, more efficient way of working. They turned to Greencorn as the IT support partner that would help them make the change and to ensure the new infrastructure supported all internal processes and mobile devices.

The project for Greencorn involved:

  • Replacing the in-house server with an on-premise server to an Exchange server running Office 365
  • For each user, configure mail migration to map and migrate all mail to Office365
  • Configure SharePoint Migration Tool to populate new SharePoint Team Site with all existing data and with existing file structure
  • Visit each workstation and install Office2013 and configure Outlook for that user
  • Copy all personal data to One Drive
  • Install one local printer, Anti-Virus software, Greencorn monitoring and web filtering services
  • Setup a mapped drive to the Team SharePoint site
  • Provide Shine Trust with a custom document containing active-sync details for all smartphone / tablet users
  • "Moving to the cloud has been a complete culture change and a different way of working, and Greencorn helped us by addressing our teething problems quickly and efficiently. Everyone is now able to work and collaborate remotely, which is much more cost-effective in terms of our time. That three hour return train trip from Surrey to London can now be used as productive working time rather than travel time lost. For a charity, where many of the employees are not full time, making the most of our time is invaluable."

    Sara Portway SHINE
  • “We are a small team who travel frequently from Surrey to London. In order to make the most of our travel time and to work remotely effectively, we knew we needed to make the move to a cloud-based infrastructure. Like many small businesses, we wondered if a move to the cloud was excessive. But working with Greencorn, we were able to implement a flexible, cost effective infrastructure that met our needs, and one that will scale as we do.”

    Sara Portway SHINE

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