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  • VDC solution radically transforming IT performance
  • Full developer access via dedicated control panel
  • Support services for 120 users
  • Greatly improved connectivity via MPLS
  • Vastly improved, granular data & reporting
  • Operational resources freed from routine remedial tasks
  • Industry-leading account management
  • Enterprise-class back-up & DR capability

Quadriga is a leading international provider of guest technology managed services for the hospitality industry with more than 30 years’ experience serving the hospitality sector. They operate in USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, supporting more than 300,000 guest rooms.

Quadriga were considering their options for the future of their ageing server infrastructure and the necessity of a move to another building looming. Coupled with a requirement to increase the performance of their data warehousing solution, no standardisation of network components, a complex configuration of servers which were not performant to their needs, satellite office networks across Europe, and the subsequent complexity of management of the various elements, Quadriga were looking to overhaul their existing IT infrastructure existing as well as reduce the reliance on their internal IT team.

With 120 internal users, 40 servers & offices throughout the world, Quadriga’s management team knew that they had to appoint the right technology partner in order to commission the design & deployment of their new infrastructure with confidence. Being a technology business themselves, they knew the reputational risk of cutting corners, and as such they approached Shift F7 who had been providing back-up & disaster recovery services to Quadriga since 2003. Shift F7 immediately appointed a project team to scope a new flexible, scalable & technically robust infrastructure platform that would not only replace the existing end-of-life hardware but would also enable Quadriga to meet its ambitious growth plans over the coming years.

Business Challenges

One of the key issues that Quadriga had was that as a technology service provider they of course had a huge amount of hardware at their various offices. This was taking up far too much space and the company’s ever-growing customer base meant that their infrastructure had grown incrementally over years, with an inefficient combination of operating systems and vendor solutions. The internal platform was no longer functioning effectively, and this poor performance was causing numerous problems, not least that Quadriga’s internal team was spending far too much time resolving routine network issues rather than working on the service development programs that were so critical to the company’s ongoing success.

The piecemeal growth of their internal network was also creating challenges for the management team at Quadriga. Planning & budgeting for expansion was almost impossible with no clear cost comprehension and overall management data was weak. All of these issues were key drivers that the Shift F7 project team had to keep at the forefront of their minds when considering the best way forward for the new solution.

After extensive discussions with key stakeholders at Quadriga, it was agreed that a fully managed hosted infrastructure was the best route to take, and our team promptly began designing a virtual data centre solution that would act as the core platform with additional managed security, data back-up, disaster recovery & archive services to complement this.

A full audit of Quadriga’s data, service & application set was also undertaken to ensure full compatibility with the new solution, and to guarantee as smooth a transition as possible. This was a critical aspect of the scoping exercise, as the large volume of different data sets, broad range of applications and conflicting operating layers of the existing network had to be rationalised & consolidated where possible and compatibility with the new infrastructure had to be tested across the business.

The solution

A managed support component was then proposed, with the objective of freeing up Quadriga’s highly-skilled internal technical staff to concentrate on their own service development rather than the routine and time-consuming network & user issues that they were currently having to resolve. The business case for transferring this role to Shift F7’s dedicated, ITIL-accredited 24/7/365 service desk was clear, and it was agreed to incorporate this into the overall proposal.

Although our dedicated network operations centre (NOC) team were proposed to deliver the monitoring, management & maintenance of the new virtual data centre network, the nature of Quadriga’s business meant that their internal developers would require control of much of their VDC environment as this would also be where their own clients’ services would be delivered from.

Shift F7 provided a simple yet powerful control panel that allowed their team full control as well as very detailed and granular technical and management reporting capabilities. After a successful proof of concept pilot, the entire Quadriga platform was transitioned over to our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) network hosted across our two data centres for greater resilience and full disaster recovery functionality.

Finally, we provisioned of a robust connectivity solution to ensure that all of Quadriga’s staff could receive a consistent, high quality user experience at all times via a multi-site MPLS network that was deployed with traffic separated using physical VLANS for optimal performance.


As a result of their move to our virtual data centre service, Quadriga’s management team and developers have much more control and oversight of their network performance & capacity than ever before and this has improved management reporting capability has enabled far better technical and operational decision-making across the company. The MPLS connectivity solution has substantially reduced network latency which in turn has delivered improvements in operational efficiency in every area of the business.

The overheads that would have been associated with upgrading and then moving their own datacentre has been dramatically reduced, and the Shift F7 network operations team is now delivering the routine monitoring, management & maintenance of the core infrastructure (as well as the security components). This has freed up operational resources, such as enabling Quadriga’s internal IT team to concentrate on more specialist tasks such as service development and optimisation.

The initial roll-out of the virtual data centre solution did not include the company’s US-based server estate, however the management team are so pleased with the results achieved so far that they have established an internal working group to explore the possibility of transferring their US servers to the same model. Shift F7 are acting as a technical advisor on this, and several other potential future projects that Quadriga has under consideration.

  • "This virtual data centre service offers us the flexibility to harness the latest technologies, ensures that we have control over our systems, and performance is such that we can meet the ever-evolving business needs and expectations of our customers and their guests"

    Adam Ferriday IT Manager, Quadriga Worldwide
  • "We knew we had to completely overhaul our core IT infrastructure & were keen to avoid the need to do so again in a few years. For us, the new solution had to be scalable and as future-proof as possible."

    Adam Ferriday IT Manager, Quadriga Worldwide

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