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  • Reduced capital and licensing expenditure
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Access to documents from any device and any location

Greencorn is a Shift F7 Group company

Business Challenges

ProPress Steamers are based in London and manufacture, sell and support high quality fabric and clothes steamers worldwide. ProPress Equine manufactures new and innovative equine products.

ProPress wanted a simple, quick and secure way of storing and sharing files and important documents both internally and also securely over the internet from various locations around the world, in the office and on different platforms.

The Solution

We worked with ProPress in order to gain a better understanding of their requirements. This in turn allowed us to provide them with relevant options which could be implemented and assisted in the decision making process to help insure the most appropriate solution available was selected for implementation.

Our technical team implemented a cloud based solution which allowed ProPress to synchronise various aspects of their business in a virtual environment. Greencorn also provided ProPress with training on how use and capitalize upon this new benefit.


ProPress are very happy with the results, have greatly reduced potential upfront capital expenditure, reduced ongoing management overhead and longer term maintenance and licensing overheads and can now access any document from any location on any of their devices (permissions allowing) a key aspiration for their business moving forward.

  • “I am not easily impressed; and good customer service and communication is an increasing rarity in today’s faceless world, but Greencorn have it nailed and we don’t have to worry“

    Tim Oliver Director, ProPress

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