5 security benefits of cloud computing

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You might be unsure of whether to make the transition to cloud computing. For businesses who are accustomed to working in one way, it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth to virtually tear down your IT infrastructure and start again. But if the potential improvements to operational efficiency aren’t enough to convince you, maybe the advantages of added security could be influential. In this blog, we look at some of them:

1. Guard against data breaches

Securing data has become an increasingly important priority for businesses, and there are cloud-based security solutions which implement certain protocols to guard sensitive data such as transactions and personal information. It is an extra layer of security which can prevent unwanted third parties from intercepting data.

2. The convenience of cloud-based support and protection

You might find that you are able to give yourself more comprehensive IT support protection. Using a cloud-based service, you can actually provide yourself with the advantage of live monitoring around the clock, 365 days a year. This can increase your uptime significantly, and in turn, ensure your infrastructure is functional and less vulnerable to security breaches.

3. Scale up or down

You can ensure that your security levels are at exactly the level you need them with cloud computing. That’s because you are able to scale up or down according to your requirements. If you are faced with high traffic, you can avoid the server crashes which can leave your entire infrastructure vulnerable.

4. DDoS protection

DDoS stands for distributed denial of service, and these cases are recognised as increasing in number, as well as seriousness. With a cloud-based security solution, you are able to stop the large amount of traffic, which is directed to an organisation’s servers, that causes the problem. This can allow you to circumnavigate DDoS by dispersing DDoD attacks, minimising the risk.

5. Complying with regulations

Large organisations such as corporations and public bodies can have a huge amount of compliance considerations, especially if they are part of a regulated industry. Cloud-based security can help maintain these infrastructures by ensuring current and future regulatory requirements are met, allowing financial and personal data to be guarded.

So that’s our five ways in which the cloud can be a security advantage. If security is a large requirement for your company, perhaps you should consider making the switch?

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