3 top tips for consolidating your data centre

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For many companies, the traditional IT model of the data centre is becoming outdated. Many organisations will use cloud computing-based solutions for their server or hosting needs now for the many benefits this gives. Even if you are not going to close your data centres, then consolidation is worth looking into. Effective data centre consolidation can help reduce costs, improve the efficiency of use and help reduce maintenance costs too.

Here are a few great ways to consolidate like a pro.

1. Look at current capacity

The best starting point is to identify the current capacity of your data centres. You must have current knowledge of this to consolidate in the most effective way. Find out the load your data centres each handle, what the overall capacity of each is and then pin this down on a device basis. All this will allow you to see which devices are not being used in the best way and also to keep an eye on your virtual machine resources.

2. Make an inventory

To really consolidate in the best manner, you need to know what is actually in your data centres too. Take the time to compile an inventory of all the assets present and also map their relationship. This will allow you to optimise all devices and also see which ones aren’t needed. This will also give you the chance to find out which devices are coming to their end-of-life and deal with them appropriately.

3. Power optimisation

A lot of energy is used by all data centres which pass on a big cost to your business. Make sure that you are using energy in the most efficient way by checking that all PDU’s are fully optimised safely. A lot of power is used to keep hardware cool also and this is another area to look to consolidate in. Taking steps to reduce hardware temperature will enable you to use less power on the machines that keep them cool.

Although simply closing your data centres may be the most efficient way to manage your IT networks and reduce costs, for some businesses this is not an option. In these cases, taking steps to consolidate what you have will still allow you to keep costs under control and operate in the most efficient way.

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