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Services - Procurement

Shift F7 provides an outsourced OPEX Management Service to consolidate suppliers and target savings from an agreed OPEX baseline.

Like vendors sales targets, in-house sourcing teams have their own annual saving targets and KPI’s. Shift F7 takes ownership of the Tail expenditure as a managed service, giving our clients’ sourcing team time to manage the strategic and higher value CAPEX and OPEX expenditure. Working with the organisations Asset Management, Vendor Management, Stakeholders and Sourcing teams, we create a process of governance and best practise to reduce costs through a diligent approval process.

The Managed service is tailored for each individual client requirement, but could include:

  • Managed Service fee based on an agreed Operational expenditure baseline
  • Transaction based fees to manage a reduced supplier database
  • On site presence to manage negotiations and renewals
  • Savings target and a gain share model that incentivises both parties to be creative and commercially focussed

Software Services

Software vendors have, over time, constructed ever more complex licensing models in order that enterprises have little option but to agree the terms they are dealt. And yet with this enormous contractual complexity comes the opportunity for every enterprise to leverage significant savings.

By harnessing the very mechanics inherent in today’s software licensing agreements, Shift F7 can help you reduce the cost of software licensing.

Shift F7 specialise in the benchmarking of software licensing agreements. We also have a thorough understanding of hardware platforms, local and global bid mechanics, as well as sometimes hidden cash back opportunities. This knowledge helps to maximise virtualisation, processor and socket options to find savings when software is associated with hardware.

We are able to assist in the negotiation of new licenses, help in the renegotiation of enterprise agreements, extract maximum value from mid-term true-ups and restructure existing agreements.

Shift F7 can reduce the cost of ad-hoc software purchasing and assist in the negotiation and structuring of on-going software maintenance agreements.

We are also able to provide a comprehensive audit of enterprise software licensing - delivering you an optimised licensing strategy.

We will work with you to determine your licensing position in respect of Microsoft software - Actual Licence Position/Effective License Position (ALP/ELP). This will entail gathering all the license entitlement evidence from you, encompassing 'Proof of Licence' for products obtained through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Full Package Product/Retail Channel, and the Microsoft licensing report for volume license purchases.

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