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Outsourced IT Support

Shift F7 has been the trusted IT support partner to businesses across the UK for many years. With the ever increasing importance that IT plays and how important it is to enable businesses to do what they do best - servicing their own clients in their own industries - making sure that you choose the right IT support partner is key to your success.

We can either be your IT department and support your whole organisation or we can act as support to your IT department. Our business is IT, we can advise on strategy and consider technologies and solutions that are deployed across our diverse client base to deliver short, medium or long term objectives as part of your team. We can complement what is already being delivered within the IT function, scale up for projects, holiday or prolonged leave cover and scale down when workloads permit.  We can either be your IT department and support your whole organisation or we can act as a support to your IT department.

We have taken an ever greater responsibility for the IT support platform for larger organisations, because in many cases their management teams want to concentrate on the business and not the day to day running of IT systems.

Many organisations suffer peaks and troughs as IT staff come and go, through career development and technology changes. Typically we see IT staff staying less than 2 years at many organisations. This can present challenges to the business as IT strategy can become misaligned and skills gaps can undermine reliability. Businesses can also become extremely reliant on single individuals, without any backup should that person leave or become unavailable during a critical time.

An outsourced solution from Shift F7 resolves these problems for many organisations.

All of our outsource functions are supported by a vast experience of IT knowledge with full access to our senior technical resources and a plethora of IT experts from multiple vendors.

Find out how your company could become more resilient and flexible by calling today for an initial conversation or a face to face meeting.

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