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Services - Managed & Hosted

The Shift F7 Cloud Platform brings enterprise resilience, backup, infrastructure scaling and Disaster Recovery at a fraction of the cost and with far greater simplicity and efficiency than ever before.

For the small to medium sized business this can bring otherwise prohibitively expensive technologies and services in to the IT strategy. For enterprises, hosted and managed solutions will allow the IT department to offer far greater value to the business with improved response and agility, greater predictability and mobility, satisfying the demands of business continuity that are expected of an IT department today.

Shift F7 delivers Hosted and Managed Services from our own ISO27001 Datacentres.  This set of services is aimed at providing flexible, cost effective solutions that enable businesses to address many of today’s IT issues and challenges. These services can be mixed and matched to complement the existing IT infrastructure, or where applicable replace the traditional On-Premise solutions entirely.

For those clients that have Hosted and Managed Services in one of our Datacentres, we can also offer disaster recovery services to another datacentre to ensure continuity of service.

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