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Training & Technology Adoption

Training & Technology Adoption

Achieving a return on technology investment requires systems, processes and people that improve in step with one another. One of the biggest challenges is often not the technology, it's getting the users to adopt and use the new technology. 

According to a study by Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and return on investment is effective user adoption, 70% of respondents ranked it as their top priority. 

Employees are much more likely to adopt new technology when they are supported and trained. Our experience shows that this should happen before change so they know what is happening, when and what is expected of them, during change so that they are hand-held during deployment and their work is not affected and finally after change so people know how to access on-going help and support. This all takes consistent, meaningful communication that addresses people’s "me" questions, role-specific learning opportunities and accessible post-go-live support.

Download the Shift F7 Technology Adoption Overview for an outline of the range of Technology Adoption services including eLearningSkills Portal and Instructor Led Training along with a few examples of where it has been implemented to ensure the smooth transition for organisations; mitigating the risk and ensuring the success of IT projects.

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