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Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Managed Services

Cloud Desktop (VDI) is way of accessing your applications and resources from across the internet regardless of the device you are using to do so or your geographical location - whether in the office, a PC at home, a smart phone whilst out with clients, a notebook in a coffee shop, a tablet at a conference - literally anywhere or any way that suits you and your business.

This means that your desktop and all your corporate applications are always available whenever or however you want to access them.

Find out how your company could reduce costs and IT complexity whilst also enhancing productivity by calling today for an initial conversation or a face to face meeting as part of an infrastructure review.

More for your money

  • Reduced capital equipment costs
  • No Microsoft Windows or Office software license purchase or upgrades
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • IT support included in monthly cost
  • Back Up and Recovery included
  • Save office space - no server, storage onsite
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Monthly predictable and scaleable costs

Exceptional Mobility

  • Access your data and applications from anywhere
  • No restrictions on the number or make of devices used
  • Allows users to instantly work from anywhere with no advanced notice or set up
  • Increased and easy collaboration for remote and out of office employees
  • Response as good as or better than your desktop PC

Reassuring Security & Compliance

  • Services delivered from our local ISO 27001 certified Data Centre
  • Secure encrypted internet connection
  • Guaranteed Data privacy and security
  • Infrastructure monitoring and management
  • No data stored on devices
  • Automatic Microsoft software upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery backup
  • Centralised management of user profiles

Easy to manage BYOD

  • No capital equipment costs
  • Employees can use whatever device suits their requirements
  • Minimal memory requirement on devices
  • Follow me access across multiple devices
  • No data stored on devices
  • Centralised management of devices and applications

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