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Cerberus Backup +

Shift F7's Cerberus Backup + ensures complete peace of mind for your data from an individual file all the way through to an entire server room.

The key differences of this service over and above Cerberus Backup are the long term flexible retention policies of data which can be restored under a service level agreement without additional costs.

Cerberus Backup + provides a disk based tape replacement backup and restore facility for critical systems and data under a service level agreement. 

Based upon the volume of data and number of servers to be protected Shift F7 install our managed appliance(s) on the local area network - which typically snapshots data on a nightly basis. This snapshot frequency can be increased for systems which have a shorter recovery point objective (RPO).

Once copied the data is encrypted and then transported via a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Shift F7's datacentre. The integrity of the data is checked daily by our technical team and reports back findings and rectifies any issues.

The Cerberus Backup + service can restore data from the local appliances or from our ISO27001 datacentre by either the client's IT department or by Shift F7. We can even provide this down to individual email items in a specific user's mail box - providing the company with excellent depth of restore to remain within regulatory compliance guidelines.

Shift F7 assists companies with their Data Retention policy, but typically, as part of the service, between one and three months amount of daily granular backups are held on the local appliance, or near line. Data backups are then further archived off to both tape and disk to two separate locations (offsite archive) for the duration of the agreement.

Shift F7 has the capacity to act as your primary or secondary off site data centre.

To find out more call today to discuss all our options to suit your data back up and disaster recovery objectives.

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