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10 Reasons to use Shift F7's Backup & DR Services

 1. Our Expertise
Shift F7 excels at the management of data, our specialism enables our clients to concentrate on their core business, safe in the knowledge that we are managing their data and business continuity concerns.

2. Lower Your Recovery Time Objective
Greatly decrease the time needed to restore a system after it has failed with our near instant Disaster Recovery solutions that can restore an entire Windows Server or Workstation in minutes, even when dealing with terabytes of data. 

3. Real-Time Data Protection
Shift F7 enables companies of all sizes to protect their data and databases using the latest in “Set & Forget” Real-time imaging technology. Data loss can be minimised to under 15 minutes instead of losing hours or days worth of data or database transactions.

4. Shift F7 Restore
Dramatically shrink the time needed for system recovery even when dealing with terabytes of data. Shift F7 Restore can automatically recover your point-in-time backup images to a virtual machine in the event of a system failure.

5. VirtualBoot
We can boot any managed servers or disk image as a virtual machine for near instant on-site disaster recovery in minutes - even when dealing with terabytes of data - allowing a company to continue functioning while the physical server is repaired and recovered.

6. Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) Technology
Shift F7 uses HIR so now organisations managed by us have a single backup, disaster recovery and migration service. In just minutes our HIR feature allows us to perform bare metal recovery and P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V migrations for your entire backup, Disaster Recovery, hardware upgrades and test environment needs.

7. Offsite Replication
Our onsite Image GateWay Server (IGWS) offers offsite replication via FTP to secure your backup to our secure ISO 27001 datacentre. Clients have the option of continuous incremental data feeds which enables us to easily send the small backup image files, made every 15 minutes, to our location.

8. Real-Time Exchange & SQL Backup & Recovery
We can protect your Exchange and SQL data every 15 minutes with minimal disruption to users. Typically never lose more than 15 minutes of e-mails or transactions after a system crash or corruption. We can rebuild your complete SQL server in minutes rather than hours, or migrate to a entirely new hardware using the HIR feature.

9. Reduced Cost & Complexity
An affordable range of solutions for backup, recovery, disaster recovery and migration that delivers true and rapid ROI. We reduce complexity and make setting up a backup job and performing a disaster recovery extremely easy under our management. We save our clients ongoing back up software costs, as we manage the environment as part of our service.

10. Superior Reliability
The Shift F7 service verifies and re-verifies backup image chains to ensure that backup images are in a known good state to guarantee fast and reliable recovery. The Shift F7 team notifies clients via email should anything go amiss with a backup job and then works with our clients to rectify any issues.

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