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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The Cerberus Suite of products is designed to address all back up and disaster recovery scenarios depending on what value our clients place on their own data and the criticality of it to their individual businesses.

It is not uncommon for our clients to mix and match the modules within the suite whereby certain data and applications are considered critical to business continuity and therefore need a robust Service Level Agreement for recovery in the event of an unplanned outage.

Other data may be as important to the business but not considered high risk or critical. Our service is flexible and will assist you with these business data decisions.

Cerberus Backup - managed recovery and restore option that provides 28 days of backup and is ideal for companies who require the reassurance that backups are not only working but are also being checked and tested daily by our team of specialists back in our datacentre.

Cerberus Backup+ - Cerberus Backup plus long term flexible retention policies of data which can be restored under a service level agreement. Ensures complete peace of mind for your data from an individual file all the way through to an entire server room.

Cerberus Recover - fully managed Disaster Recovery solution for critical Information Systems in the event of a disaster with pre-defined critical systems recovered to a contracted Service Level Agreement. The Shift F7 technical team also schedule 8 weekly test and recovery cycles and processes to ensure that all systems and servers under our management are fully recoverable at all times.

All companies need a place to store their backups offsite and recover quickly in the event of a critical outage or disaster. However, not everyone has a second site, room capacity or spare equipment to recover to, or the personnel or resources to implement an effective disaster recovery. Shift F7 offer Secondary Datacentre Services for this very reason.

For those clients that have Hosted and Managed Services in one of our Datacentres, we can also offer disaster recovery services to another datacentre to ensure continuity of service.

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