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Legal expertise

Shift F7 has managed the data, back up and disaster recovery requirements of legal organisations since the inception of Datashare Solutions, now part of Shift F7.  The sector’s business continuity requirements were at the heart of the initial design of the datacentre and are at the fore front of our ongoing development of it.

Our ISO 27001 datacentre and back up and disaster recovery solutions are accredited to the highest level to ensure that our legal clients’ data is secure and are compliant with the Law Society Guidelines for data retrieval.

In today’s electronic environment email has become a critical business application and the main form of communication. Email archiving ensures that firms capture internal and external emails along with attachments. Policy decisions will automate the length of time an email remains on high cost storage before being archived to a lower tier or off site to our datacentre.

Client files are open and active throughout a particular matter sometimes with multiple files per client. The data growth within legal firms is potentially expediential as regulatory requirements also become more onerous.
The lifecycle of this data and how important it transpires to be is unknown, however, when a partner needs the information to protect clients and reputations retrieving it become paramount.

The recent Leveson enquiry was another occasion whereby our datacentre operations team were engaged in retrieving files dating back to 2007. Our storage searching file system located the required file instantly, within 24 hours the required data was returned to our client and reputations were not only restored but enhanced for accurate retention of what turned out to be critical information.

Our managed support services and project related activities bring IT strategy and business continuity planning together for legal companies. We assist internal IT teams to deliver robust solutions to their partners and senior stakeholders. Throughout London and the South East we support a large number of well-known legal firms with the management of their data integrity and growth.

Read our Legal sector brochure for more information or call to discuss all our options to suit your data back up and disaster recovery objectives or to book an infrastructure review meeting.


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